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English to Spanish Sentence Translation How-To

Language translation is very essential as it boosts communication and social integration in any society be it local,national,intercontinental or international.

Translating sentence or sentences from english to spanish is done by simply studing the vowel,consonants concepts.

Every language have vowels and consonants. Vowels in spanish has some proximity to that of english.This is why many english speakers find it easier to pronounce spanish vowels.

This consonants and vowels are derieved from the spanish alphabets just like the english alphabets, but in spanish there are slight differenciation like the absence of mute words example

ac-ci-den-te(accident)  ----- note the "te" and in english its silent

pe-re-nne(perenial) ---- almost same pronounciation

Tem-po-ral-men-te(Temporaly) --- similar 

We can see that spanish language really have to do with syllables and stress as compared to english language.

Let us see some of the alphabets in spanish and compare to that in english before we state simple sentence in english and in french.

English/ Spanish  

A: a
B: be
C: ce
D: de
E: e
F: efe
G: ge
H: hache
I: i
J: jota
K: ka
L: ele
M: eme
N ene
Ñ: eñe
O: o
P: pe                      

 Q: cu
R: ere (or erre)
S: ese
T: te
U: u
V: uve
W: uve doble
X: equis
Y: ye
Z: zeta

simple english sentences to spanish

What is your name?

Como se llama usted?

How do I make negative sentences in Spanish?
This is very easy you just put "no" before the verb.
eg. No vivo en Paris. = I don't live in Paris.

How do I use adjectives in Spanish?
As in most latin languages the the adjective goes after the noun. In English it is the opposite.
Eg. In English we say: "A red book" but in Spanish we say "A book red"
Eg. A red book = Un libro rojo.

A pritty girl ------ Una Chica

Some Pritty girls ------ Unas Chicas

A Red Book -------- Un Iibro

Some Red Books ----- Unos libros

English to Spanish sentence translation is done with this basics



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