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If you ever have the need to translate a document from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish, it would be no problem if you were bilingual and spoke both languages fluently.  Unfortunately, there are many people that speak only Spanish or only English.  To assist those that may need to translate from Spanish to English or English to Spanish, an online Spanish English dictionary is available.

An online Spanish to English dictionary or an English to Spanish dictionary is a very handy tool to have.  There are a number of different versions of an English to Spanish online dictionary, but, for the most part, they all perform the same way.

If you have a word or phrase in English and want to know the Spanish translation for that word or phrase, you simply enter it in the designated space, press the translate button and in a few seconds, you will have that word or phrase in Spanish.  Most translation software is very good at coming up with the equivalent word or short phrase in either English or Spanish, but sometimes have difficulty translating longer sentences, paragraphs, and full pages.

Most of the available translation software cannot detect the subtle nuances that are particular to each language.  They may have trouble understanding the context of a particular word that has several different meanings depending on spelling, but is pronounced the same.  For example, the word bear can mean an animal, giving birth, or carrying a burden.  There is also a similar sounding, but totally different meaning when you spell the word bare.

No Spanish to English dictionary that you might find online can compare to the ability to properly translate a document like a bilingual human being trained in translation.  For some reason, computer software has not yet caught up with the human brain.  A bilingual person can almost instantaneously translate from Spanish to English or the other way around and get the context correct.  An online dictionary will usually be pretty good, but cannot be depended on to be 100% accurate.



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